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Blessed with the mindset of philanthropy and a will to help others that is unmatched; Sophia Thompkins (aka STInc. The CEO) is the key to unlocking your purpose and your passion. Starting from humble beginnings in the small town of Wabasso, FL Sophia was raised by her mother, five grandmothers, church mothers and missionaries where she sat at their feet and learned about life. Sophia always had a interest in entrepreneurial endeavors whether it was selling candy in High School, sunglasses in college, or natural hair products. Sophia utilizes her expertise and in-depth knowledge of business including: product/marketing management, market analysis and quality assurance to achieve overall company growth. Well versed in a number of areas that range from social media management to business consulting/solutions, Sophia is not your average marketing and business professional. Sophia has a high level of creativity, and is passionate about social media and market research. Her background is anything but traditional, but Sophia always strives to provide innovative and non-traditional business concepts to her clients. Everyone has a unique fingerprint; there is no one else in the world that has yours. Let Sophia Thompkins be the key to open the door to your future turning your passions into purpose.


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