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Proverbs 31 says that a good women is hard to find and is more valuable than diamonds, she is trusted, never spiteful and treats her husband generously all her life. She is frugal and shops around for what they need and she enjoys doing it. She’s up early, organizing her day and gathering their necessities. In the morning, she dresses for her work, rolls up her sleeves and works until the job is done. She is skilled in the crafts of homemaking and is quick to help those around her. She doesn’t worry about their preparations for the storms of life. She keeps herself well and faces each tomorrow with a smile. When she speaks, the words she says are important and delivered in kindness. Her husband speaks of her with respect and knows that she is the best in the land. Charm can mislead and beauty fade but a woman who lives in God is to be admired and praised. I will strive to live my life to fulfill these traits not only in my relationship with my husband, but also in my relationships with family, friends and in the workplace as well.

And what do I seek in you my Ephesians 5 man…
He studies and follows God as a child watches and follows the teachings of his parents. He sees that above all else, God is love. Her husband goes all out in his love for her in the same way God loved His church, giving and not getting marks his love. His love makes her whole and evokes her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring out the best in her, which in turn he gets the best for him since they are one in marriage. He pampers her. Just as he does not abuse his on body, he also does not abuse hers. He knows that she is his priority. He cherishes her and together they are no longer two but one. His love is not lust, he protects and keeps it pure between them. Her husband is not domineering but provides leadership to her by cherishing her.

As a Proverbs 31 woman, I will supports these ways just as I seek the ways of Christ. I want my husband’s leadership because I know that it will be a mirroring of Christ’s leadership to and for His church and just as the church submits to Christ.

Together we will live the love of 1 Corinthians 13…

Love NEVER gives up
Love cares more for others than self
Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have
Love doesn’t boast or brag
Love doesn’t force itself on others
Love isn’t always “me first”
Love doesn’t fly off the handle
Love doesn’t keep score
Love doesn’t revel when others grovel
Love takes pleasure in the truth
Love puts up with anything
Love trust God always
Love always looks for the best
Love never looks back
Together we know that we have three things to do until He returns:
Trust God Steadily
Hope Unswervingly
Love Extravagantly Knowing that the greatest of these is LOVE.

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Biblical Love Sport Bottle

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