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Sunsama: What You Need To Know About This Productivity Tracker

Sunsama has been operating for years, but it has gained popularity recently. If you're wondering about this app, here is what you must know.

A Brief Look Into Sunsama

You can track your productivity manually by remembering the working hours and the number of tasks you have done. However, this can be time-consuming and counter-effective. Luckily, Sunsama can help you track your progress without spending much time.

The program is designed to serve you as a specialized daily calendar for everyday personal and professional tasks. Sunsama requires you to get a monthly subscription to access the features. The best part is that it is within a reasonable price range.

What Is Sunsama Used For?

Sunsama can be used for multiple things to help you stay highly productive at work and home. You can set tasks in the calendar and reminders to complete them on time. Besides that, the app also allows you to unify different tasks for efficient management.

You can schedule the tasks for each day and month beforehand on your free day. The app will also automatically track your productivity through the work you have finished and the time taken for completion. The app's primary purpose is to help you manage daily tasks, save time, and be efficient.

Benefits Of Sunsama

The app has been designed to help you in many ways, such as letting you do advance planning. Here are some other benefits of Sunsama for you to understand the platform better:

  • Integrates with other apps such as Google Calendar, Gmail, and much more to track your tasks

  • Serves as a daily journal by asking you questions

  • It lets you open the calendar and task panels simultaneously

  • Best for organizing your life

  • Has to-do list features

Besides these things, the best part about Sunsama is that it offers a free trial for 14 days. So you can try the app to see if it is suitable for your needs or not. After that, you can decide whether or not to continue using Sunsama to improve your productivity.

Why Sunsama Is A Great Option For Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, you have to focus on the company tasks more to ensure that the project thrives. However, it may be difficult for you to manage time and divide the work between employees. That is where Sunsama will help you.

It will allow you to plan in advance and manage the different tasks easily. You can also use the free trial to check out the app before paying the monthly subscription.

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