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Popl: A Must-Have Digital Business Card

As a small business owner, you may not have the funds for printing business cards. Luckily, Popl can help you promote the company reasonably.

What Is Popl?

Popl is a digital business card platform that allows you to share your company details with others. The best part is that you don’t have to print when using this platform. It is a handy tool that complements the needs of small business owners in this digital era.

The primary feature of Popl is that it uses NFC technology and QR code scanning to let you share information. You can save time and money by using the platform.

What Is The Purpose Of Popl?

The principal purpose of this platform is to help small business owners market their companies without issues. Typically, startups and minor companies don't have the budget to print business cards. This can affect brand awareness negatively and lead to low sales.

However, Popl serves as a digital business card to help you share information with clients and potential customers. When a person scans the Popl code using a compatible device, they will receive your business's contact details, payment apps information, social media links, etc.

Benefits Of Popl

As a business owner, your brand must make a memorable impression. Popl can help stand out in the crowd through the unique digital card approach. It will also help you save the time of customers as they can access the information from anywhere using Popl.

Besides that, a digital business card is also excellent in this COVID-19 world. This option allows you to share your brand details using a contactless method. So you can be more vigilant about minimizing virus spread in your shops by not giving out printed cards.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Popl?

Popl is a must-have digital business card for small business owners because of its handy features. You don't have to worry about getting cards printed every month or after the supply runs out. Besides that, it will also help you stand out from competitors.

The app is also best for small businesses because it is compatible with Android and iOS phones. So you can accommodate all customers without worrying. Using Popl will also help you save time and money so you can use them on more important business tasks.

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